BA diploma​

illustration, posters, stationery, product design

A holistic diploma project including work in fields of illustration, 

brand identity and visual information for an underground electronic music festival Nagle nad Morzem.

The key challenge was to create a cohesive, yet anarchistic visual identity system to match the event’s independent, escapist and somewhat magically oneiric atmosphere praised by hippie technotourists from all over Europe and at the same time meet functional requirements typical for mass events. The process itself became an exploration of a more unrestrained creative approach in the era of minimalism, formulaic design and logocentrism.

For a variety of materials and items, forty detailed, hand-drawn surreal illustrations were created. These subjective graphic impressions were inspired by festival attendees sporting daring outfits, observed in many unusual situations in the midst of hours-long DJ sets at the Baltic beach, both during the day and late at night.