naming, logo design, business cards, stationery


project made with grupa KMK
team: Michał Kozik, Marek Kozik, Ola Procak



Zicher is a local, Silesia-based company offering security and cleaning services. The challenge for a brand identity was to combine these characteristics with its trademark features: thoroughness and reliability. 

"Zicher" is a word of Silesian origin that loosely translates to "solid", "certain" or, more figuratively, "a job well done". It perfectly captures both the attitude and the local heritage of the business.

The idea for graphic design came from region's most treasured resource: coal. Being often called "the gold of Silesia", it inspired the choice of
a restricted colour palette, reflecting both the blackness of a security uniform and a golden guarding badge.
The diamond shape not only pays tribute to these symbol but also acts as a full stop, enhancing the overall impression of confidence.